Service Repair On Site Calibration

  • The Teltherm lab service, repair, upgrade & certify a wide variety of industrial instruments.
  • We stock spare parts for many instruments.
  • All IANZ endorsed calibrations and reports are carried out in accordance with the Teltherm Instruments Ltd ISO 17025 Quality Manual.
  • When you send your instruments to Teltherm we certify & repair at the same time, saving downtime on your process.
  • Our reminder system is tailored to meet your QA requirements & alerts you when your instrument is due for certification.
  • Teltherm's on site technicians are happy to do on site calibrations at your facility. We recommend this only when your instrument cannot be removed for laboratory testing. This is because the laboratory offers you a more affordable solution, no travel time and better uncertainties.

However we do accept there are times when 'on site' is the only way to get the job done - when this is the case give our sales team a call and they will send the talented on site team to commission, adjust, test and certify your instruments.

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