Onsite Calibrations

Teltherm in conjunction with their onsite partners are available to install, commission, repair, service, calibrate and certify your instruments at your facility.
For best uncertainties we recommend onsite calibrations only for instruments that cannot be readily sent to the laboratory.

Onsite service partners are available in Auckland, Taranaki and Christchurch and other locations are available on request but incur additional travel costs.

For our onsite IANZ Calibration Laboratory Services, see contact details below.

Audit Your Instrumentation Onsite

An On-Site Audit is a process available in New Zealand, where a Teltherm sales representative performs a visual check of your process instrumentation.

Together with your company representative, we help you identify areas of potential or immediate problems.

It is easy to organise here’s how it works:

  • Phone Teltherm Customer Service to arrange a meeting +64(0)9 633 0040
  • Decide which part of your organisation will benefit from this check.
  • Does our staff member need to attend a safety induction course at your facility prior to the On-Site Audit?
  • The Teltherm rep and your staff member conduct the review. Advice will be given along the way.
  • A quote of any remedial, repair, replacement or upgrades will be prepared.
  • If necessary a follow up meeting will be scheduled.
+64 9 633 0040