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3 mm MIMS Thermocouple with Mini Plug

The SD148 is a mineral insulated thermocouple with 3 mm stem diameter for faster response. Type K or Type J thermocouple wire is available.

Type K wire is a general purpose, high temperature (-270~1372 °C) wire suitable for use in an oxidising environment. Type J wire is also a high temperature (-210~1200 °C) wire but for use in a reducing environment.

Contact Teltherm if you require technical assistance or if you require options that are not shown.

Probe stem length is selectable.
The Duplex thermocouple probe contains duplicate wires in a single probe. This provides backup should one thermocouple fail. The Duplex configuration also allows thermocouple readouts in two separate locations for added flexibility.

Teltherm supply hand held thermometers, controllers and indicators in order to provide the readouts for your probes.

Teltherm custom manufacture a large range of temperature probes including thermocouples and platinum resistance thermometers (RTDs, PT100s, PT1000s).

For added confidence and traceability select an IANZ certificate.


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