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Series 100TC Remote Mount Adj Set Point

ITT Neo-Dyn Series 100TC temperature switch has 6 models available with internal adjustable set point ranges from -46 °C to 382 °C on increasing temperature and -56 °C to 379 °C on decreasing temperature.
The deadband decreases as the adjustable set point is increased. For narrow deadband select set point in upper half of adjustable range.
Thermowell required for temperatures above 260 °C. Proof temperature up to 510 °C.

Explosion proof, hermetically-sealed electrical assembly, leads factory sealed,

A Neo-Dyn temperature switch is identical to a pressure switch with the addition of a fluid-vapour charged sensing probe. The fluid-vapor charge is exposed to the "basic sensor" and since probe pressure varies with temperature, discrete temperature settings can be accomplished.

Consult the attached pdf for full specifications.
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