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Capillary length*
IANZ Test Certificate

Temperature Gauge 150 mm VP

The model 6/3600 is a 150 mm, 6" diameter industrial vapour pressure thermometer with a spun aluminium case and a 2 mm OD nickel plated copper capillary. The sensing bulb is 12.7 mm diameter x 90 mm long.

The standard length capillary is 2 metres but lengths up to 30 m available on request. The 6SSA can be wall or panel mounted.

Thermowells are available.
N.B. Use a pocket or thermowell to protect your temperature instruments from process systems where pressure, velocity, or viscous, abrasive and corrosive materials are present. A thermowell allows safer removal of an instrument at the time of replacement, repair or testing without affecting the process system.

Single scale °C dials are standard but °F scales are available on request. Vapour Pressure thermometer scales are logarithmic - the working temperature should lie between 10 and 2 o'clock on the dial.

This thermometer is suitable for temperature measurement where remote measurement & fast response is required. Specify the 6/3600 for general industrial applications & in the refrigeration industries.

Accuracy of this model is ± 1.5 % of scale range in accordance with British Standard 1041.

NZ Teltherm thermometers are manufactured to exacting quality standards. Teltherm's manufacturing processes are accredited by Telarc to ISO 9001. These thermometers will give continued reliable service & have serviced New Zealand and Australia's industry for over 15 years.

Teltherm's flexible manufacturing process ensures fast delivery times. Stock items are shipped immediately.

For customised product including gauges with NATA & IANZ certificates, allow approximately 3 days for delivery to NZ and Australia. For urgent delivery contact us as same day delivery is possible by arrangement.


If you are not sure what you are after or are in a hurry, call us today and talk to an expert on industrial instruments.

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