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Kane Diff Pressure Manometer 0 to 8 kPa

Designed for technicians requiring twin tube connections, the 3500-1 is a suitable and affordable replacement for U-tube manometers, as they are fast response, easier to read and more accurate.

Features include:
Data hold and max / min recording
Printouts to the optional printer include date / time and user details
High /low resolution and smoothing features
Temperature compensated to minimise the "drift" in readings which can occur when electronic manometers are subject to temperature changes, e.g. when taken from a cold van into a warm building.

The KANE3500-2 can perform timed Let-by, Stabilisation and Tightness Tests which are automatically logged in the memory. The user can adjust the duration of each test.
A gas tightness test, which examines the gas pressure inside a property's pipe work, is a key part of a thorough gas safe test. It will ensure that there aren't any gas leaks in the system.

All models have an infra-red output to an optional printer (KMIRP) - Printouts include date/time and user details.

This instrument is rated IP40 and is suitable for dry environments for IP67 choose the PM80.

The ±20 Pa range has a resolution of 0.3 Pa and an accuracy of ±2 Pa
The ±2000 Pa range has a resolution of 0.3 Pa and an accuracy of ±5 Pa
The ±160 mbar range has a resolution of 0.01 mbar and an accuracy of ±3% of reading.


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