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Ahlborn Datalogger Systems General Info

The Ahlborn ALMEMO® system has infinite possibilities for sensor connection, data processing and device networking.
As a result, a wide range of all types of measuring instruments is now available; from 1-channel transmitters to data acquisition systems with more than 1000 measuring points.

The ALMEMO® series only differ from each other with regard to their enclosure choose from handheld instruments, desktop instruments, 19" systems, switchboard instruments, transmitters etc. and the number of measuring inputs (1 to 250), the display, output and operating controls, and the power supply.

When you connect the intelligent ALMEMO® connector sensors and interface cables to the instrument, it will be completely programmed up to the time-oriented sequential control.

All parameters can be accessed via the interface and can also be modified as the memory devices built into the connectors can be repeatedly overwritten.

The ALMEMO® Principle: Only One Instrument For All Sensors:
There is a wide range of transducers, sensors and signals that, when using the connector system, can be connected to any measuring input of any measuring instrument.

No programming is required as all sensor data is contained in the connector plug, enabling the measuring instrument to be automatically configured as soon as it is connected.

By means of the sensor data memory (EEPROM) all sensors can be calibrated, scaled and identified with a uniquely defined designation. This individual sensor designation allows for a neat arrangement of the measurement setup and avoids confusion.

Sensor errors can be corrected within the connector, i.e. simple sensors become precision transducers. Standard signals can be displayed with their original dimension.

For multi sensors, e.g. temperature and humidity, generally, only one shared connector will be required. The programming can be protected by a graded locking function.

Conclusion: Highest possible precision at minimum expenditure; faulty measurements do not occur.


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