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Center 300 Thermometers- Type K

Center 300 handheld thermometer c/w single Type K thermocouple input socket. Microcontroller based instrument.
Resolution 0.1 °C Accuracy ±0.1 °C plus 0.7 °C. Range: -200°C to 1370°C.

One Type K bead probe is provided or use the Center 300 as the readout for a customised Type K thermocouple probe of your choice. Contact Teltherm to order specialist probes or use the Thermocouple section to select a probe that best suits your requirements.

View attached pdf for full specifications.

Easy to use and affordable thermometry with RS232 interface and Auto Power Off. The Center 300 socket is compatible with any Type K thermocouple probe that is fitted with a mini plug.

Standard accessories include a carry case and a Type K thermocouple bead probe.
Thermocouple probes can be customised with improved accuracy and robust construction for use with the Center 300 readout.


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