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Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRTs) are used to interpolate temperature very accurately in the range of -189.3442°C to 660.323°C on the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90).
AccuMac's AM1960 SPRT measures from -200 to +670 °C and features an enviably low drift rate.

The AM1960 is used worldwide as Standard probe to calibrate other thermometers and to measure temperature precisely in Primary and Secondary Laboratories.

AM1950 and AM1960 SPRTs are the crown jewels of AccuMac temperature probes. It takes decades of scientific expertise and original craftsmanship to create these world class products.
To reach the best performance in stability and repeatability, the sensing element and sensor support are specially designed to protect the platinum sensing wire from contamination - all components used in each SPRT are cleaned to an extremely high standard before and during assembly.
The gas mixture fill in the thermometer reduces any sensor wire oxidation to as low as possible.

Every SPRT is fully tested for stability after manufacture.
This world class probe meets all the ITS-90 criteria for a standard thermometer.
Quartz sheath 7 mm x 500 mm Probe
Alpha 0.003925, Rtp/R0 25
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