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AM1762-12 Secondary SPRT

AccuMac's AM1762 25 ohm series Secondary Standard PRT is an affordable SPRT probe for precision temperature measurement either in the lab or out in the field.
25 ohms (Rtp/R0 25)
Excellent stability - Rtpw Drift < 19 mK after 500 hours
Long term drift: ±0.019°C
Short term stability: 0.002 °C
Accuracy ±0.006 °C at 0.01 °C
Alpha 0.003925 / Temperature Coefficient 0.003925

The probe diameter is 6.35 mm and two different lengths of SPRTs are available at 300 mm for the 1762-12 model and 500 mm for the AM1762-20 model.

The sensing element is designed to protect the platinum sensing wire from contamination at high temperatures, giving the device a high level of stability and repeatability in performance.

A uniquely designed support structure and filling material provides excellent balance between the hysteresis effect, mechanical shock and thermal shock performance. This high performance probe fully meets ITS-90 criteria for reference thermometers.

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