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AM1760-12 Secondary SPRT

AccuMac's AM1760 series Secondary Standard PRT is an affordable SPRT probe for precision temperature measurement either in the lab or out in the field.
Short term stability: 0.002 °C
Accuracy ±0.006 °C at 0.01 °C
The probe diameter is 6.35 mm and two different lengths of SPRTs are available at 300 mm for the 1760-12 model and 500 mm for the AM1760-20 model.

The sensing element is designed to protect the platinum sensing wire from contamination at high temperatures, giving the device a high level of stability and repeatability in performance.

A uniquely designed support structure and filling material provides excellent balance between the hysteresis effect, mechanical shock and thermal shock performance. This high performance probe fully meets ITS-90 criteria for reference thermometers.
Temperature Coefficient 0.003925
W(Ga)> = 1.11807
Rtpw Drift < 19 mK after 500 hours
Long term drift: ±0.019 °C

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