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HDSL Series Heavy Duty Limit Switches

Listings referenced in this section are mainly standard. Low temperature and fluorocarbon (FC, high
temperature) construction is available in all forms of HDLS limit switches. For temperature ranges see
tables. Also available are factory sealed, pre-wired switches.
Low temperature switches have fluorosilicone diaphragm, shaft seals and external boot seal (where
applicable) plus a low temperature lubricant. If prewired with cable, temperature limits are -10 °C (14 °F)
flex and -30 °C (22 °F) no flex.

Completely fluorocarbon (FC) sealed, high temperature, chemical resistance switches have a full FC
body gasket covering the switch cavity. Rotary types have an extra FC seal on the operating shaft, while
plunger versions have FC boot seals. They are for use in applications where the environment includes
fire-resistant synthetic fluids. The additional FC seals also promote longer operating life for rotary
actuacted HDLS switches in applications where the temperatures are normally -12 °C to 121 °C (10 °F to
250 °F). If prewired with cable, temperature limits are 105 °C (221 °F) dry and 60 °C (140 °F) wet.


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