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Series 9110 Single-Double CV

Developed as a cost effective solution to the "final control element"
Combines the successful high integrity features of the series 9110 with high capacity, economic design philosophy and excellent control.

High CV to body Ratio
Streamlined flow passages to optimize capacity
High CV to valve weight ratio
Excellent flow control rangeability

Design Flexibility:
Modular construction design available, with wide range of connection styles.
All trim components removable from the top for easy maintenance.
Wide range of supplementary noise control options.
Internally characterised trim offered in equal percentage, linear, quick opening and modified-parabolic.
Mutli trim sizes available.
Full range of body and trim material options.
Fully rationalised and interchangeable features.
Full range of bonnet and packing designs to suit various temperatures and fluids

Design Flexability:
Modular construction design availible with a range of different connections and styles


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