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Flame Arrester Plate Element 94309

When NEC Group D vapours or gases are generated from product movement in storage tank or digester operations, the Model 94309 flame arrester effectively quenches a flame front that may develop from external ignition of flammable vapours.

The flame front enters the arrester and the flame is intercepted by the arrester element which is specifically designed to provide a precision path for the flame to follow. The flame front temperature is reduced to below the ignition point of the protected vapours.

The Model 94309 Flame Arrester is designed to provide maximum flow of vapor or gas with minimal pressure drop. The extensive arrester element surface area provides for continuous burn capability. The design is completely passive which allows for flame quenching capabilities without any operational interfaces typical of active safety devices or systems.

Ease of field maintenance with access to element/frame without affecting piping configuration. Can be fitted with low point drains for removal of condensate.
Sizes: 2" - 12"
Max Static pressure: 10 PSIG
Pressure drop should not exceed 1 psi
See pdf for materials, ordering guide and full specifications.
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