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Digital Burner Controller

The Honeywell DBC2000 is a microprocessor-based integrated burner controller for automatically fired gas, oil or combination fuel industrial single burner power burner applications. The DBC2000 system consists of the relay module and wiring subbase. The DBC2000 Standard Model provides the minimum requirements to control an industrial burner system, such as automatic burner sequencing, flame supervision, system status indication, system or self-diagnostics and troubleshooting. The DBC2000 Enhanced Model includes an integrated Valve Proofing System, whilst the Ultimate model includes bus communication on top of this.
Employs a plug-in mounting method
Uses a microprocessor to improve performance
Status and fault indication by indicator LEDs
A 4-wire firing rate switching circuit controls an air damper motor or other auxiliary equipment during
start-up of the burner.
Safe start check before and during pre-purge
Dual flame amplifier for UV, IR or flame rod sensor
Automatic recycle once per 24h of uninterrupted heat demand.
Frontal jack plug (Ø 3.5mm) to read the flame signal with a microampere meter.
An electrical sub base lock (reset and safety limit terminals are swapped) to avoid that a Standard model is used systems wired for an Enhanced or Ultimate model. The DBC2000 cannot start then.
Safety shutdown occurs on
- malfunction of the burner controller
- failure to ignite the pilot burner or main burner
- loss of flame during run period
- opening of air flow switch during pre-purge, start-up, run and post-purge period
- flame signal detection during standby or pre-purge period
Integrated Valve Proofing System (Enhanced and Ultimate models only)
Remote bus communication (Ultimate model only)


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