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Texsteam Pneumatic Chemical Inj Pumps

These gas/pneumatic driven injection pumps achieve high discharge pressures and wide volume ranges. A horizontal plunger and vertical check valve arrangement assure high operating efficiency. They are positive displacement units powered by integral gas/air motor.

The standard pump head has a Ductile Iron body and stainless steel trim. Stainless steel heads are available for high corrosive applications. A built-in priming valve facilitates pump head priming, enables the operator to easily check pump operation, and offers a sample catching device.

Applications include:
Introducing detergents in air-gas drilling operations
Blending foaming agents in water laden gas wells
High pressure addition of fluid compounds in blending and chemical processing.
Introduction of de-salting agents, de-emulsifiers, inhibitors and flocculants in crude oil and gas steams
High and low pressure lubrication systems
Methanol and alcohol injection in gas systems to prevent freezing
General high pressure injection applications
Fluid blending of extreme pressures within varied, controlled processes
Hydrostatic testing
Glycol circulation
Water treatment
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