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Pressuretrol Controllers*

Pressuretrol Controllers L404F

The selection to the left provides Model numbers and available pressure ranges. The attached pdf lists full specifications and selection options to assist ordering requirements. Contact Teltherm if assistance is required.

Provide operating control with automatic limit protection for pressure systems up to 300 psi (2068 kPa).
Description: Pressuretrol® Controllers, Auto recycle, 2 psi to 15 psi
Application: Provide control of steam, air, non-combustible gases or non-corrosive fluids

Features include:
Use with steam, air, noncombustible gases, or fluids non-corrosive to pressure sensing element.
Models have snap-acting switching to open or close a circuit on pressure rise.
Have adjustable differentials.

Mount using 1/4 inch -18 NPT internal pipe threads or surface mount through base of case. 1/4 in. NPT internal thread or surface mount through back of case
Ground screw terminal.
Switch Operation: Auto recycle
Switching Action: SPDT snap action, make R-W, break R-B on pressure rise
Sensor Element: Stainless Steel diaphragm.


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