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Controlinks Controller R7999B1003

The Honeywell R7999B1003 ControLinks Controller uses the latest microprocessor-based technology to simultaneously control up to four actuators. The device, when used with the ML7999 Universal Parallel Positioning Actuators, represents a value-added replacement of mechanical cam and linkage assembly controlling the relationship between fuel, airflow and flue gas recirculation (if used) on a power burner.

The Honeywell ControLinks. System consists of the R7999 ControLinks. Controller, Q7999 Universal Subbase and ZM7999 commissioning software. The R7999, with one communications port, provides communications capabilities similar to those found in the 7800 SERIES controls.

See attached pdf for full specifications, ordering, installation and wiring instructions.

Features include:
Fast burner setup via PC or laptop.
Fuel, air, Fuel Gas Ratio (FGR) profile download capability.
Two independent fuel profiles with or without FGR.
7 to 24 point profiles.
Programmable behaviours of all actuators during Purge and Standby.
Programmable behaviour of nonselected fuel actuator.
Independent lightoff and minimum modulation positions.
Wide power voltage input range (50/60 Hz); two models cover global applications.
Auto/Manual input.
Manual mode firing rate input.
Pluggable controller to wiring subbase.
Multipurpose communications port.
Field-configurable device.

Programmable behavior of FGR actuator during purge.
Remote reset input.
UL, FM, CSA, CE Approved, CSD-1 and NFPA acceptable


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