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ST3000 900 Flanged Measures Liquid Level

Ideal for use in industrial applications that require a lower specification, for critical processes and high-dollar applications refer to the 100 series transmitters.

Models STF924 and STF932 are available with a flush or extended diaphragm with a flange that is always attached to the high pressure side. All performance specifications for these models hold for ±100% of the upper range value so you can use them for either gaseous or liquid reference leg (open or closed tank) applications without regard to flange position.

Consult the attached pdf for the impressive range of options & full specifications.
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With a flush diaphragm model, the diaphragm is mounted flush with the gasket surface of a 3-inch, Class 150 or 300 ANSI flange. With an extended diaphragm model, the diaphragm is attached to a 72.64 mm diameter stainless steel extension tube having standard extensions of 50, 101, or 152 mm. You may increase the effective diameter of the extension tube to 92.25 mm by adding an optional sleeve.

STF924 and STF932 are available in a 3-A Sanitary Flange Mount version designed for mounting on a sanitary tank spud with a 50 or 152 mm extension using a Ladish 4-inch Tri-Clamp.

STF92F and STF93F are standard differential pressure transmitters with one of the normal process heads replaced by a 3- inch, Class 150 ANSI flange. For vented tank or gaseous reference leg applications, the flange is mounted on the high pressure side.

For tanks with a liquid reference leg, the flange is mounted on the low pressure side. Either version is field convertible to the opposite side.


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