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Conoflow Pressure Regulators

Conoflow offer a wide range of pressure regulators for most applications.
The questions which must be answered to be able to specify a regulator are:
1. What is your application? (constant flow, dead-ended, set and forget, continually adjusting, liquid level)
2. What is the maximum supply pressure?
3. What is your outlet pressure setting or control range?
4. What are you going to regulate? (air, water, gas)
5. What are your operating temperature limits?
6. Do you have any special flow requirements?
7. What are your preferred materials of construction?

Pressure regulator range including;
Low pressure air pack filter regulators
Low pressure with a bleed feature for sensitive and accurate control
Low pressure specialty regulators including differential, vacuum and back pressure
High pressure diaphragm sensing high purity regulators
High pressure piston sensor regulators
High pressure specialty regulators including Reducing, high flow, electric vaporising and steam vaporising


If you are not sure what you are after or are in a hurry, call us today and talk to an expert on industrial instruments.

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