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Pressure Limiting Valves

Pressure Limiting Valves

For use with liquids or gases. Further ranges & options available on request.
Consult the attached pdf for specifications and contact Teltherm for Technical assistance.

The valve allows instruments of different ranges to be connected to a common manifold. Repeatable accuracy of the valve depends on the rate of pressure rise. However, an accuracy of ± 10% of the set pressure may be expected.
Temperature range: -40°C to 120°C. The shutoff pressure is adjustable.

The valve may be assembled with a snubber at inlet for complete pressure and surge or pulsation control. The snubber will also serve to smooth the reaction of the valve to pressure changes, thus avoiding erratic performance by insuring application of pressure at a constant rate. The valve may be assembled at any point or in any position in an instrument system. Adjacency to the instrument is not important to the proper operation of the valve.


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