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Pigtails Syphond & U-Tubes*

Pigtails Siphons U Tubes

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Siphons are used to protect pressure gauges against fluid fluctuations and to prevent overheating. Pressure siphons are directly connected to the pressure line where the pressure gauge is connected.
Before start up siphons should be filled with the same liquid, which will work as a heat barrier.

Pressure gauge pigtail siphons are used to protect the pressure gauge from the effect of hot pressure media such as steam and systems that contain superheated vapour.
The pigtail buffers the instrument from the damaging effects of high temperature steam by holding system fluid in the coil to provide a steam trap for the fluid to condensate and dissipate the heat.
Pigtail siphons also reduce the effect of rapid pressure surges.

The siphon allows condensate to form and be collected inside the pigtail portion of the siphon, preventing the hot media from coming in direct contact with the pressure instrument.

U Type Siphons are suitable for vertical pipe mounting.
Coil / Pigtail Siphons are suitable for horizontal pipe mounting

The Siphon Tube is connected between the pressure gauge & process in applications where high temperature vapours or fluids are present or temperature is above 65 °C.
A gauge cock is generally connected between the pressure gauge and siphon for isolation.
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