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Additel 761-L/M/H Automated Calibrator

Additel 761-L/M/H is small and runs on batteries or mains power. At last you can take a really accurate automated calibrator out into the field to test your process.

It automatically generates from -0.9 bar vacuum to 40 bar pressure with 0.005 %FS pressure control stability and 0.02 %FS accuracy.
To improve the calibrator accuracy, two pressure modules with differing ranges are used. These are built-in and integrated with the internal pump and controller.

With optional external pressure modules (CDP series), the Additel 761 can measure pressures up to 700 bar with 0.025 %FS accuracy. In addition to the pressure generation, control, and measurement capabilities, the Additel 761 also features HART communication capability, supplies 24 V loop power, and reads the current or voltage produced by the pressure transducers.
ISO 17025 endorsed (IANZ equivalent) calibration certificate included.

This state-of-the-art Additel 761 automated pressure calibrator brings automated pressure calibration to the field. See the attached specifications and contact Teltherm for a demo.


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