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23 mm Homogeniser Diaphragm Seal

Homogeniser diaphragm seals or sanitary homogenizer gauges are suitable for high pressure food applications as they are rated to 750 bar.
The welded diaphragm and body are 316 stainless steel. The process connection is a standard homogeniser. The oval clamp is not included. Order separately.

Teltherm can fit a homogeniser to a gauge of your choice, such as a 100 mm stainless bottom entry, glycerine filled pressure gauge. The gauge dial can be customized on request using Teltherm's sublimated dial technology to incorporate best practice sectors and your company logo.

Chemical homogenizers separate your process fluid from the mechanism of an attached sensing instrument.

The most common applications for using a homogenizer are the food and beverage industries such as the dairy industry.
Homogenisers are helpful to protect an instrument from high temperature process fluids.

Please note in order to get the best out of your instrument this process cannot be hurried as any entrapped air in the filling fluid will compromise the behaviour of your system. Allow at least 24 hours for this process.


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