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2" / 63 mm Tri-Clover Diaphragm Seal

This 2" or 63 mm Tri-Clover diaphragm seal or Ladish seal is suited to the food and beverage industry as its quick release clamping mechanism allows easy opening for CIP (clean in place) and SIP (steam in place) applications. The wafer size is 41mm. Check your dimensions on the specification sheet attached.

A 1.5 inch (50 mm) option is also available. The welded diaphragm and body are 316 SS. The process connection utilises quick connect coupling while the instrument connection is ¼" NPT. Pressure rating is 40 bar at 25 °C. Clamps are sold separately.
Contact Teltherm or see the pdf specification sheet for further information.

Chemical diaphragm seals separate your process fluid from the mechanism of an attached sensing instrument. Pressure from your process deflects the diaphragm and is subsequently measured by a pressure sensing device.

The most common applications for using Tri-Clover diaphragm seals is in the food and beverage sectors such as the dairy industry and breweries.

Diaphragm chemical seals are helpful to protect an instrument from high temperature process fluids.

Teltherm offers diaphragm filling on a wide range of gauges and transducers. Please note in order to get the best out of your instrument this process cannot be hurried & larger instruments may need to be evacuated overnight. Any entrapped air in the filling fluid will compromise the behaviour of your system. Remember to place your order in plenty of time.


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