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ST 3000, Flanged, Measures Liquid Level

Honeywell's ST 3000 Series 100 Flange Mounted Liquid Level transmitters may be installed directly onto a tank flange and are offered with a variety of tank connections to include ANSI flange and sanitary connections. Ranges available from 0~1000 mbar to 0~7 bar.

Consult the attached pdf for full specifications. Contact Teltherm for technical assistance.
Choice of flush or extended diaphragm to match varying tank interface requirements.
Models STF128 and STF132 are available with a flush or extended diaphragm with a flange that is always attached to the high pressure side of the meter body.

All performance specifications for these models hold for ±100% of the upper range value so you can use them for either gaseous or liquid reference leg (open or closed tank) applications without regard to flange position.

View the specification for models and mounting options. Note that model STF14F is a high performance model with ±0.05% reference accuracy in the digital mode and is particularly suited for Hydrostatic Tank Gauging. This model is factory configured for the digital (DE) mode unless specified otherwise on the order.


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