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Klay 8000 Series Pressure Transmitters

The compact and robust stainless steel housing is ideal for hygienic applications but also for harsh aggressive ambient conditions. The transmitters are fully temperature compensated. The Series 8000-SAN are both CIP and SIP cleanable and they fully meet the needs of the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and pulp & paper industries.

Both series 8000 and 8000-SAN are equipped with very strong flush mounted diaphragms.
In order to be fully compatible with the process they are monitoring, all series 8000 units offer a wide range of process connections and a choice of wetted parts materials.
All versions enjoy ATEX approval for Intrinsic Safe applications.

Accuracy: 0.2% of adjusted span
Measuring ranges: 0 - 0,1 bar to 0 - 80 bar
Output signal: 4 - 20 mA / 2-wire
Adjustment: Zero and Span internally
Power supply: 12 - 36 Vdc (ATEX: 13 - 26.5 Vdc)
Protection grade: IP66 (IP68: option)
Process temperature: -20 ÂșC to +80 °C
Ambient temperature: -30 °C to +70 °C
Wetted parts: AISI 316L (standard)
Electronics housing: AISI 304


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