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120 Series Differential Pressure Gauge

A low cost differential pressure gauge with simple, rugged, compact design.
Working pressure 6000 psig. (400 bar) models 120-A and 120-S.
Working pressure 5000 psig (340 bar) models 120-M and 120-N.
Over-range protection to max. pressure.

For full specifications, see the attached pdf data sheet.

Aluminium or 316 stainless steel housing with 316 stainless steel internals.
Monel or Aluminum Bronze housing with monel internals.

Weather-resistant construction standard.
Accuracy +3-2-3% full scale (ascending).
Uni-directional or bi-directional.
Optional maximum indication follower pointer

Differential pressure is sensed by the movement of a floating piston magnet against a calibrated spring. The gauge pointer, outside the pressure housing, follows the movement of the piston magnet and indicates differential pressure.
Available with magnetically actuated hermetically sealed CSA listed reed switches to provide high and low limit alarm or control.
Reversed pressure ports are optionally available to facilitate installation and readability depending on which side of a filter, etc., the instrument must be installed.

NOTE: Due to precision sizing of piston and body bore, leakage across the piston will not exceed 15 SCFH air at 100 psid at ambient conditions.

The Model 120 "Filter Minder" gauge is available with one or two hermetically sealed
reed switches. The switches are adjustable and the switches can be set to activate or deactivate on rising or falling pressure.

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