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Pressure Measurement

Analogue Pressure Gauges Pressure Measurement and control is the most used process variable in the process control industry in many segments, through pressure it is possible infer a series of other process variables, like level, volume, flow and density.

Pressure being the force acting upon an area, with the force applied being spread equally over the surface area, and not to a single point. The pressure applied to a surface depends not only on the level of compression of the media, but also on the surface-area size.
Pressure measurements can be divided into three different categories: absolute pressure, gauge pressure and differential pressure.

Pressure Measurement and indication can be via Analog, Digital, Switches and Transducers to provide control points for your plant/system.
Once installed these instruments need calibration, this can be achieved via on site Calibration Instruments, or from our IANZ Certified Laboratory.

Digtal Pressure Gauge
Pressure Relief Valves
Pressure Guage Accessories
Pressure Switchs
Pressure Transducers
Differential Pressure Gauge
Diaphram Chemical Seals
Commparison Test Pumps
Pressure Regulators
Pressure Calibrators


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