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The instrument is wall-mounted with a dynamic range detecting benzene for 0.1 - 20 ppm. Titan samples gas from the environment once per minute and within just 60 seconds an accurate benzene measurement is displayed.
Titan provides an immediate warning alarm system with two operator configurable levels, ensuring workers are kept safe and protected to the standards required on site. The instrument incorporates two relay outputs allowing the operator to install their own required alarm system.
Titan's continuous, real-time measurement allows trends over time to be monitored and communicated via 4-20 mA or RS485. Data is stored internally and can be downloaded remotely for analysis.
Designed to be easily installed and serviced, the modular design allows the Ex d case to be installed well in advance of commissioning. The service module can be removed and replaced as a remotely serviceable plug and play cartridge.
Titan incorporates Ion Science market leading MiniPID sensor technology with proven resistance to humidity and contamination, ensuring optimal performance whatever the environment.


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