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Kane 455 Flue Gas analyser- refer to 458

Kane analysers are more robust and the rotary dial is more intuitive than other analysers on the market

Options include:
KIT OPTION: Same as the Kane 455 with added IR printer for instant printout and logging.

PRO KIT: Same as the Kane 455 with added Gas leak detector, air/liquid probe, pressure hoses and 2 x clamp on pipe probes.

OIL KIT: Same as the Kane 455 but Includes oil pressure gauges, compound pressure and vacuum gauge, high pressure hoses and a Kane MSP manual smoke pump all in a larger carry case - designed for servicing, commissioning and maintenance of oil-fired appliances.

KANE455CPA1 KIT: Same as the Kane 455 PRO KIT plus an ASP2 appliance sampling probe, 12 V charger and a quick reference DVD in a larger carry case - use for commissioning, servicing and installing new gas appliances.

KANE 455 INSTALLER KIT: Same as the Kane 455 plus a flow cup with digital thermometer, 1 x pressure hose, 2 x KPCP clamp-on pipe probes and a Kane IRP-2 infrared printer in a hard carry case - for use when installing and commissioning new boilers.

Kane 455 measures O2, CO2 & CO (0-2,000ppm)
Calculates CO/CO2 ratio, excess air and efficiency for multi-fuel, gaseous fuels and light oils (28/35 sec).
Can perform let-by, stabilisation & tightness tests
Perform room CO tests
Long Life CO Sensor
High accuracy pressure readings.
Four line display controlled by 9 position rotary switch.
Designed to meet BS7927, BS7967 and EN50379
Infra-red output to optional printer - print reports for combustion, pressure, let-by/tightness, temperature and room CO build up.

Internal memory holds: 99 Combustion tests, 20 Pressure tests, 20 Tightness tests, 20 Temperature tests, 20 Room CO tests
Protective rubber sleeve with magnet for "hands free" use

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