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Series SC-250 Metal Tube Flow Meter

The robust Techfluid SC-250 flowmeters are built in SS-316 to provide a high performance
measurement in extreme working conditions. Resistant to temperature, pressure and corrosion with the use of materials such as AISI-316, Hastalloy, Titanium, PVC, PTFE & PVDF.

Suitable for use in industries such as water treatment, pharmaceuticals, power plants, chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper industry, food industry, heating and cooling circuits, saturated steam circuits and oven treatments.

Consult the attached pdf for a list of option which include:
Local indication only.
Alarm Settings.
4-20mA Transmitter with 2 or 4 wire system.
Pneumatic transmitter 3-15 psi (0.2-1 Bar).
Intrinsically safe to Cenelec standard EExibII T5/T6.
Flow totaliser.

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