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Ultrasonic Flow Meter LEFM280C

The configuration of the Caldon LEFM 280C meter provides confidence in remote applications and where provers are not practical, or where space and weight allowances are limited.
Ideally suited for: LNG, refined products, and crude oils, check and master metering and complete condition monitoring.

The LEFM 280C ultrasonic meter has superior flow stream and performance diagnostics. Linearity ± 0.12% over Nominal Flow Range with recommended flow conditioning.

Consult the attached pdf for details. Contact Teltherm for technical assistance and quotes.

The Caldon LEFM 280C meter body is suitable for handling pressurized liquid hydrocarbons. It has sixteen (16) piezoelectric transducer modules (typically 0.5 MHz,1.0 MHz or 1.6 MHz) forming eight (8) chordal paths. These are mounted in pressure containing housings and can be replaced while the meter body is under operating conditions.
The LEFM 280C has two independent transmitters, one for each set of four (4) chordal paths. Total flow is determined by averaging the outputs within a separate flow computer.


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