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NuFlo EZ-IN Turbine Meter

The NuFlo Series BF turbine flowmeters with EZ-IN connections provide a cost-effective alternative to typical flanged-meter applications.

Consult the attached pdf. Contact Teltherm for technical assistance and quotes.

Series BF meters with EZ-IN connections offer the accuracy, rugged construction, and maintenance free operation of conventional NuFlo flowmeters plus the following advantages:
Lower installation cost.
Less expensive than a conventional, flanged meter.
Spreader nuts enable easy removal and inspection.
The raised-face EZ-IN meter will mate to any flange rated ANSI 150# to 1500#.
The ring-joint (RTJ) version will mate to ANSI 900#, 1500# or 2500# RTJ flange.
Specify flange type when ordering.
CE-marked 8 x 8-in.
EZ-IN RF requires special centering rings.


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