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Sight Glass Level Meters

Teltherm distributes Penberthy level gauges and gaugecocks to New Zealand. These provide direct visual indication of process level. Flat-glass transparent or reflex gauges are available to meet most temperature/pressure conditions. Tubular styles are also available, along with a complete line of both straight and offset pattern gagecocks.

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Penberthy offers PENGAGE Selection Software for fast, accurate and simple gage/gaugecocks specification.

Flat Glass Gages available:
Low Pressure Flat Glass Gages: Models RL & TL
Medium Pressure Flat Glass Gages: Models RM & TM, RMR & TMR
High Pressure Flat Glass Gages: Models RH & TH, RHR & THR
Large Chamber Flat Glass Gages: Models RLC & TLC
Weld Pad Flat Glass Gages: Models RMW & TMW
Ultra High Pressure Flat Glass Gages: Model TU
Steam/Water Flat Glass Gages: Models TSL, TSL-F, TSM, TSM-F

Gagecocks available:
Flat Glass Gagecocks: Series 100, 200
Flat Glass Gagecocks: Series 300, 400
Flat Glass Gagecocks: Series 500
Flat Glass Gagecocks: Series 700
OS &Y Fugitive Emission Gagecocks: Series 550, 750
Flat Glass Gagecocks: Series 600
Tubular Glass Gagecocks: Series N2, K2
Tubular Glass Gagecocks: Series K3
Tubular Glass Gagecocks: Series N6
Tubular Glass Gagecocks: Series N7


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