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Weka Visual Level Indicators

Single-pole Magnet System
The WEKA VLI operating principle is based on the use of a permanent bar magnet system which ensures reliable activation of visual indication elements (flags), switches and transmitters, even when used on thick-wall high-pressure indicator pipe.

Magnetic Guide Tape
The patented magnetic guide tape is integrated within the indication rail to ensure the float bar magnet is always aligned like a compass needle to the polarized flags and switches. This ensures continuous reliability of the indicating, switching and transmitter control functions.

Magnetic Coupling
Every flag of the WEKA indication rail is equipped with its own permanent magnet - the indication flags magnetically interlock and produce safe and reliable indication of liquid level, even with rapidly changing liquid levels or vibrations.

Temperature Stability
The magnetic materials ensure optimal performance even at extreme temperatures. Weka's preconditioning of components ensures negligible degradation of magnetic flux.

Compact Design
The WEKA floats ensure the highest possible diameter difference between float OD and tube ID - an important advantage when dirty or highly viscous liquids need to be measured. The short float design also often enables a larger indication range compared to competitive products.

Three functions in one system!
- Level indicator
- Level switch
- Level transmitter


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