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PD Flow Meters Samplers and Pulse Trans

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Like positive displacement meters, the Flotrac Meter is designed for mechanically measuring volumes of low-viscosity liquids flowing at high pressure. It employs the "constrained vortex" principle to provide accurate measurement over a 10:1 range.

Process liquid enters the metering chamber through the 1inch (25 mm) inlet connection. As the liquid makes a 360 degree loop, it is separated equally into two streams & forces these streams into a series of vortices, causing the rotor assembly to rotate in direct proportion to the flow rate. The two liquid streams are then combined at the meter outlet port.

The Floco Sampler is an accessory to the Floco Model F-500 Meter that provides an efficient method of obtaining composite "proportion-to-flow" sampling. The sampler indicates the flowing product quality, and is often used to determine the oil and water ratio (water cut) in a crude oil production facility. Individual sample size and the sampling interval can be adjusted.

The Floco MMS-1 Sampler is designed such that rotations of the Floco rotor drive a reduction gear train and, in turn, a cam which converts rotary motion to linear motion to activate a spool valve that functions as a 3-way valve. This valve directs flow from
the process to an accumulator or from the accumulator to the receptacle bottle.


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