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NuFlo Liquid Turbine Meter Catalogue

NuFlo turbine flowmeters indicate flow rate and measure total throughput of a liquid line. They have an unsurpassed reputation for withstanding severe punishment while maintaining operational and measurement integrity.

NuFlo meters are classified as Standard Grade and Industrial Grade, based on the linearity of the meter. The Standard Grade meter provides a cost-effective measurement solution for applications where higher accuracy is not required. For higher accuracy applications, an Industrial Grade meter can be used. Such meters can achieve even greater accuracy if the range of the flow through the meter is specified.

See the attached pdf for ranges and specifications.
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Typical applications are:
Water-injection measurement, Heater treaters, Test and production separators, Disposal wells, CO2 injection, Steam generator fuel and feed water, Metering liquid fertilizer, Water, fuel, and chemical measurement in plant settings, Chemical tank loading and unloading, Measuring liquid propane, Insitu mining and leaching.


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