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NuFlo 2" Gas Turbine Meters

The NuFlo Gas Turbine Flowmeter introduces a new concept in accurate gas flow measurement. It features a transducer that utilizes a lightweight, low inertia rotor to sense gas velocity. It offers an output frequency that has a linear relationship to gas velocity over a wide flow range. The meter tracks the flow rate continuously, offers little resistance to flow and has a unique cartridge design that allows removal of all internal parts as one assembly.

The meter exhibits little sensitivity to gas density above two atmospheres pressure. The low inertia of the rotor and vee bearings allows over-ranging of the meter to twice its rated capacity without damage for intermittent flow variations.

Designed for maximum life, carbide rotor shaft and bearings require no lubrication. The cartridge assembly makes replacement and inspection of parts easy. The meter is designed for installation between two flanges. The digital pulse output generated by the Gas Turbine Flowmeter can be fed to companion readout devices capable of providing direct measurement of flow rate and accumulated throughput. These measurements can be automatically pressure-and/or temperature-compensated to obtain volumetric measurements in standard units.

For full specifications and options refer to the attached pdf.
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