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Kari Float Switches

The KARI float switch not only serves as an alarm system for a pre-determined liquid level but can also be used to control the filling and emptying of a tank. You can set the threshold values yourself easily, with no need for any additional devices. The KARI switch is available in several models, covering a wide variety of purposes and applications. It can be customised to meet a specific need.

Conforms to all-European CCA-agreement for use in non-flammable liquids at 250 Volts. In dangerous environments (e.g. wells and pumping stations) we recommend 24 V voltage. In potentially explosive atmospheres (e.g. oil tanks) the Kari Float Switch can be used in connection with (Ex)i-isolator switch units.

The Kari Float Switch consists of a free floating switch enclosure to which a protected multi-conductor cable is attached. Inside the float there are a number of microswitches set at different angles. A control weight is fixed at a point along the cable to keep the cable immersed in the liquid.

The suspended float switch follows the movement of the liquid level. As the liquid level rises and falls, the weight on the cable causes the inclination of the float to change. This tilting action results in microswitches opening and closing, sequentially, at different elevations.

By separating the switching levels, turbulence problems are overcome. The switch operating levels are easily adjusted by moving the weight along the cable and/or altering the height of the cable fixing point.
Due to its large float casing the Kari Float Switch has a buoyancy which guarantees smooth, trouble-free operation under all conditions.


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