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Barton Model 7400 Gas Turbine Meter

Barton 7000 Series Precision Turbine Meters are designed for gas service in a wide range of industrial, commercial, pipeline, and aerospace applications.

Because the output from the pickup coil is digital, Barton 7000 Series meters are a perfect match for electronic output devices - no A/D conversion required.
The rotor response is in milliseconds, providing precise metering in rapidly changing flow pattern applications.

See attached pdf and contact Teltherm for technical assistance and quote.

The 7400 gas turbine meter is compact and efficient - compared to other precision metering techniques, Barton turbine meters are able to handle a larger flow rate in a smaller meter and at a lower pressure drop. With the use of reduced diameter block valves and meter runs, substantial installation cost savings are achieved.

They are low maintenance due to sealed self-lubricating bearings giving a maintenance free 10-year design life


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