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Flow meter Types

Barton 71,72,73XX Liquid Turbine Meter

Barton 7000 series turbines are designed for a broad range of precise liquid measurement applications. The Models 71XX, 72XX and 73XX are built to order and feature a range of sizes, materials, bearing systems, and options.

As liquid passes over the diffuser section of these liquid turbine meters, it is accelerated onto a multi-blade hydro dynamically balanced turbine rotor. The rotor speed is proportional to the volumetric flow rate. As the rotor turns, a reluctance type pickup coil (mounted on the meter) senses the passage of each blade tip and in-turn generates a sine wave output (with frequency directly proportional to the flow rate).

Additional coils can be added in-phase for metering redundancy and coils can also be arranged out-of-phase for flow direction sensing. The pickup coil can drive a variety of instruments including flow rate indicators, totalizers, pre-amplifiers etc.

All turbine instruments can be local or remote mounted and are available with intrinsically safe or explosion/ flame proof or weatherproof approvals.

Check out the attached pdf for further information and contact Teltherm for technical assistance or to place your order.


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