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Teltherm Instruments: Your Auckland Suppliers (and Manufacturers) for Both Digital and Analogue Pressure Measuring Gauges

When it comes to pressure measuring instruments, there are many different options available on the market. For instance, there are three different categories of pressure measurements—absolute pressure, differential pressure and gauge pressure—and there are different gauges that can give you each. Perhaps the most significant choice to make when shopping for a pressure gauge is between analogue pressure gauges and digital pressure gauges.


In most parts of New Zealand, you won’t even need to make this choice. The vast majority of pressure gauges on the market in New Zealand are of the digital variety. At Teletherm Instruments, though, we are dedicated in part to preserving analogue pressure gauges and their numerous benefits for another generation of buyers and businesses. If you are in the market for a pressure gauge in Auckland and are interested in an analogue model, we can provide it for you.


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Why Choose Analogue?

We have been in business for more than 70 years, starting as analogue pressure gauge manufacturers. We are proud to be still manufacturing these essential instruments to this day. In fact, we are currently the only brand in New Zealand that manufactures analogue pressure gauges.

We also sell a variety of digital gauges and recognise the value of both types of pressure measuring tools. Buyers who prefer digital pressure gauges, because they are so fast, so precise and easy to read. There is less of a learning curve to digital gauges, which makes them especially popular among newer businesses.

However, there are indeed situations where, if you came to us shopping for a pressure gauge in Auckland, we would advise the use of an analogue gauge. A significant advantage of analogue pressure gauges is that they don’t require a power source. As a result, they are often able to deliver consistent service and reliability even when other sleeker, newer systems fail. Analogue systems are also better for reading oscillations or rate changes in pressure, which can be useful in some scenarios.

Simply put, analogue pressure gauges are often the best failsafe option for measuring pressure. They might be less flashy than digital devices, in part because nothing about their design or function has changed much in the past few decades. However, if you are looking for a system that will always be able to give you a pressure reading, no matter what, you can’t do better than an authentic pressure gauge.

Work with Teltherm Instruments as Your Pressure Gauge Suppliers in Auckland

Perhaps you need an easy-read digital pressure gauge, or maybe you are interested in the reliability that analogue gauges have to offer. Alternatively, perhaps you need a few different pressure instruments and are interested in models from both categories. Nonetheless, Teltherm would be happy to serve as your pressure gauge suppliers in Auckland. Contact us today to learn more about our various types and models of pressure gauges, and to find the one that is right for your specific application.


If you are not sure what you are after or are in a hurry, call us today and talk to an expert on industrial instruments.

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