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From Personal Portable Gas Detectors to Fixed, Teltherm Instruments Is Your Supplier for Natural or Toxic Gas Detection in Auckland


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As an employer or business owner, you owe it to your employees to provide a safe workplace. Unfortunately, ensuring workplace safety is often easier said than done. Particularly if you operate a workplace where hazardous materials or gases are used regularly, shielding your employees from those threats can be a multifaceted protective process. At Teltherm Instruments, we can help by serving as a fixed and personal gas detector supplier in Auckland.


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The Difficulties of Gas Detection

Gas detection is a major part of the workplace health and safety for environments where harmful or toxic gases might escape into the open environment. It is also a challenging part of workplace health and safety. We would all like to think that we have a robust gas detector—our nose—right on our person. However, many toxic gases are odourless, and even the ones that aren’t can be difficult to notice until the concentration of gas in an area is quite high.

Implementing gas detection equipment in the workplace is the best way to prevent health and safety risks due to gas leaks. At Teltherm Instruments, we offer a variety of gas detection instruments that can help you keep your workers out of potentially dangerous environments.

There are two broad categories of gas detector for the workplace: fixed and portable. A fixed natural gas detector is precisely what it sounds like: a unit permanently fitted to the wall (or some other part) of your workplace environment. Fixed models consistently measure the levels of gas in a room and raise the alarm if those levels become too high. If a fixed detector goes off, it functions both as a warning to employees against entering the space in question and an alert to identify and seal the cause of the gas leak.

While fixed models can do a lot to create a safer workplace, the best gas detection systems are crafted from using both fixed detectors and portable models. When you purchase a portable gas detector in Auckland, you are essentially buying a device that a worker will be able to have with them at all times. Your employees can wear these portable, personal models on their person while working in a facility where a gas leak could occur. Since the gas detector goes wherever the employee goes, it can detect if the employee is entering an environment where gas levels are dangerously high. If toxic gases are perceived, the device will notify the employee, warning him or her to exit the room immediately and alert a manager.

Build an Effective Gas Detection Policy by Trusting Teltherm Instruments as Your Fixed and Personal Gas Detector Supplier

As a gas detector supplier, Teltherm Instruments can provide both fixed and personal gas detectors for your business. If you want to ramp up the health and safety policies at your business and believe gas detection is a crucial part of the equation, contact us for help finding the ideal devices.


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