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Where to Find Suppliers and Manufacturers of a Waterproof Industrial Digital Thermometer in New Zealand


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An industrial digital thermometer is a tool that is extremely beneficial to a range of businesses. From food service to lab work and everything in between, the importance of having a waterproof, digital thermometer cannot be understated. Digital thermometers are incredibly precise and accurate, and their flexibility allows for measurements in a wide variety of industrial settings. They can be fixed or mobile, fitting into small places and measuring large rooms. With a range of models available too, from handheld to double channel and ones with probes, you can certainly find digital thermometer manufacturers that have just the thermometer for you. Teltherm Instruments are New Zealand’s premier industrial thermometer suppliers, with an incredible range of thermometers available for all businesses. With 70 years in the industry, our skill and knowledge is a resource in itself and working with us you will get just what you need.


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When and Where Can I Use an Industrial Digital Thermometer?

Industrial digital thermometers come in handy for an assortment of industrial needs, yet it can be hard to know just when one will specifically assist your business. Especially with the array available to your business, knowing which model works and when is extremely helpful. Here are just a few ways our digital thermometers can be used for your requirements.

Food Safety: Perhaps one of the most common uses of digital thermometers is for the food service industry. For both restaurants and larger food manufacturers and processors, keeping your food at the required temperatures is vital, as customer safety is often on the line. We have options for flexible thermometers, that you can utilise for everyday restaurant use, and large more precise models for larger manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical Needs: Keeping pharmaceutical ingredients and medicines at the correct temperature is an extensive part of the pharmaceutical business, and our thermometers help you achieve this. With their precision and accuracy in measurement too, you can rest assured knowing the vital resources you are employing are appropriately stored.

Lab Work: For those working in labs for research and medicinal purposes, knowing you can get temperature readings that are exact can make or break the work you are doing. Digital thermometers make it easy to get reliable readings and is worthwhile for those who work in any lab.

Your Go-To for Industrial Digital Thermometers in New Zealand

As a major digital thermometer supplier in New Zealand, you can trust us for all your digital thermometer needs. Serving businesses as varied as restaurants, warehouses, and medical labs, we have options for measuring options for all types of industrial needs. With seventy years in the business, we have built our reputation not just on our high quality products, but on our staff's resourceful expertise and renowned customer service. For more information, or to order your digital thermometer, get in touch with us today.


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