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What is a Gas or Water Turbine Flow Meter and Who are the Premier Suppliers in New Zealand?


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For those working in industries where you regularly have to measure liquids and gases, a turbine type flow meter is an incredibly important instrument. Industries as varied as distilleries, pharmaceuticals, and hydraulics, can easily measure gas and water using a turbine flow meter, as there are a variety of applications for them. A turbine flow meter works by using a free-spinning turbine rotor for the measurement of liquids or gas. As the speed of liquid or gas passing through changes, the speed of the turbine’s rotation will increase or decrease according to the rate of flow. As such, you are alerted to changing flows, and can adequately manage liquid and gas as these instruments are extremely sensitive and precise. There is a range of uses for a turbine water flow meter, and they make a huge difference for a variety of businesses.


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What are Some Uses of a Turbine Flow Meter?

To better understand turbine flow meters, and just how they can help in your specific situation, it is essential to know who uses them and why. Their versatile design means that they can easily fit into many places, and their flexibility is a significant asset. Here are just a few industries that utilise turbine flow meters.

Distilleries and Breweries: For those working in food services distilling or brewing alcohol or other beverages, turbine meters can be extremely useful to the measurement of liquids. Chances are, your business revolves around ensuring liquids are being handled and appropriately processed, and turbine water flow meters can aid in this pursuit. They can be especially important in the mixing and batching processes.

Hydraulics: For businesses and construction workers who utilise hydraulics, ensuring oil is flowing correctly. Flow meters are not used in this type of application, more so an analogue pressure gauge.

Pharmaceuticals: Measuring the flow of gases and liquids can help in many ways for those in the pharmaceutical industry. Typically, they are used in the measurement of ultrapure water, as their precision in measuring is perfect for these purposes. Yet, these meters can be used for a range of pharmaceutical purposes and are often utilised for their accuracy and flexibility in performing specific tasks.

Your Top Quality Supplier of Turbine Flow Meters in New Zealand

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