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Get Accurate and Easy Pressure Readings with Digital Pressure Gauges from Teltherm Instruments in Auckland


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If your business works in a capacity where regular pressure measurements are required, you must be able to rely on the accuracy of those measurements every single time. At Teltherm Instruments, we provide the gear you need to get those accurate measurements consistently. With a digital pressure gauge, you can get fast, easy and precise pressure readings—often in a portable handheld package. We can help you find the perfect digital gauges to match your daily operational needs.


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The Benefits of Using a Digital Pressure Gauge

There are benefits to using both analogue and digital pressure gauges. Analogue gauges have their application, to the point where Teltherm is the only supplier in New Zealand. Digital gauges also have specific applications in industries and other situations. From mechanical engineering to petrochemical applications, to hydraulics, servicing and testing, digital pressure readers provide a level of convenience that is appreciated almost no matter the sector.

Those two key benefits—speed and accuracy—should not be discounted. While analogue gauges certainly offer their advantages—they don’t require a power source. Analogue gauges are also easy to read, depending on the application. At Teltherm, we make custom dials to suit the customers needs.

A digital gauge will also usually be able to switch back and forth through different types of pressure measurement units, including bar, psi and MPa. In other words, it saves you the work of having to convert units to different scales, if such a step is necessary.

Bottom line, using a digital tool to measure pressure streamlines the process of getting accurate measurements, which is vital given the importance of pressure readings in so many industries. Not only can a pressure reading indicate a safety hazard or some other operational problem within a system, but it can also be used to draw inferences about volume or flow rate. You can get much information by having accurate pressure readings. A digital gauging tool (or analogue) gets you those readings faster so that you can start drawing inferences or making crucial decisions sooner.

Work with Teltherm to Find the Right Digital Pressure Gauge in Auckland

If you are on the market for a new type of digital pressure gauge in Auckland, Teltherm can help. We stock a wide variety of different digital pressure gauge. We can guide you through our product selection and help you pick out the gauge that is best suited to your industry or specific application. Our business is known in part for superb customer service, as we always make sure that the customer walks away with the ideal product. To start the search for your ultimate product, contact us today.


If you are not sure what you are after or are in a hurry, call us today and talk to an expert on industrial instruments.

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