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Use Precise Calibration Equipment in Any Scenario: High Pressure and Humidity Gauge. A Digital Calibrator for Auckland Businesses


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For industrial environments, having the correct instruments is critical. In any industry, be it manufacturing, energy production, or natural resource extraction, accurate equipment and measurements are prerequisites to completing the work at hand.


Pressure Instruments

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Further, there are numerous situations where you must consider employee safety. If you cannot get accurate readings, then you cannot ensure the safe and proper functioning of machinery and equipment. Safety and operational considerations highlight the essential nature of keeping to a schedule of using reliably accurate pressure calibration equipment.

Put Safety First with Teltherm’s Digital Pressure Calibrator for Auckland

Teltherm Instruments have access to several digital pressure calibrators. Each provides different advantages that will be better-suited depending on your needs for pressure gauge calibration.

  • DPI611 – This model is a significant upgrade on the older DPI610. It offers double the performance at half the size. The redesign was built around improved ergonomics and sturdy materials and construction. Against the old model, the DPI611 offers three times better electrical accuracy, twice as accurate pressure measurements, and a simplified touchscreen with an application dashboard, swift selection of individual tasks, and allows you to access regularly used functions easily. The quick pass/fail measure integrates with and preserves results using the calibration software.
  • ADT760 Series Automatic Pressure Calculator – This device provides an exceptionally convenient experience. It uses an innovative design with a built-in pump, precision pressure sensor, an internal controller, and a large touch-screen colour display. Its advanced functionality allows you to key in the exact pressure that you want and calibrate your equipment with confidence of precision. There are three variant models, each with an optional upgrade package including HART communications, documentation, and data logging.
    • LLP – This model is designed for low-pressure situations. It uses a built-in pressure module with measurements ±75 mbar and provides accuracy to 0.05 %FS. The ADT155 series modules are available for different ranges down to 0.62 mbar.
    • D – A high-pressure calibrator compared to the LLP. With a range of -0.86 to 2.5 bar, the 760-D makes for a go-to solution for common gauge and differential pressure measurements.
    • MA – This model generates pressure and controls it from vacuum pressure up to 20 bars, maintaining an accuracy of 0.02 %FS. It can also switch between gauge and absolute measures.

We stock a variety of pressure gauge calibrators and humidity calibrators. Consult our team for more information!

Get High-End Service with High-End Equipment from Teltherm

Our team, based out of Auckland, have years of experience with our equipment in all environments. We are proud to have a team that not only has the technical know-how to understand and work with the equipment but can also offer a premium customer service experience. We are happy to help you find the right equipment for your needs, and ship promptly. Enquire today to start working with the precision and accuracy of Teltherm Instruments digital calibrators.


If you are not sure what you are after or are in a hurry, call us today and talk to an expert on industrial instruments.

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