• Teltherm sell, calibrate, IANZ certify and repair portable gas detectors and flue gas combustion analysers
  • Gas detectors should be certified every 6 months
  • Flue gas analysers are usually certified every 12 months
  • Please indicate your preferred alarm levels if they differ from WES
  • Please supply your calibration cup whenever possible
  • Detectors should be fully charged at the time of calibration so please send your charger with the instrument to ensure a speedy turnaround time.
  • Repairs to instruments can be scheduled at the same time as certification to avoid downtime.
  • Repairs are charged on an hourly basis.
  • We stock new certified personal gas detectors to ensure fast delivery
  • Teltherm stock spare parts for many instruments
  • Buy your instrument from Teltherm and take advantage of their free training programme
  • Every certified instrument is logged into the Teltherm peace of mind reminder system
  • We keep track of the age of your oxygen sensors so they can be replaced before they fail
  • Your safety is our priority and our service to our customers reflects this.

Certification of personal gas detectors from $171.50 / certificate Book Now to experience our excellent service.

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