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Teltherm Instruments: Your Auckland Suppliers (and Manufacturers) for Both Digital and Analogue Pressure Measuring Gauges

When it comes to pressure measuring instruments, there are many different options available on the market. For instance, there are three different categories of pressure measurements—absolute pressure, differential pressure and gauge more.

Get Accurate and Easy Pressure Readings with Digital Pressure Gauges from Teltherm Instruments in Auckland

If your business works in a capacity where regular pressure measurements are required, you must be able to rely on the accuracy of those measurements every single time. At Teltherm Instruments, we provide the gear you need to get those more.

Find the Right Gauge: Customisable Analogue Pressure Gauges for Auckland

Science demands precision to a significant degree. Having the right information is the difference between a confidently functioning machine and a broken piece of equipment. Teltherm, with over 70 years of experience manufacturing analogue gauges more.

Use Precise Calibration Equipment in Any Scenario: High Pressure and Humidity Gauge. A Digital Calibrator for Auckland Businesses

For industrial environments, having the correct instruments is critical. In any industry, be it manufacturing, energy production, or natural resource extraction, accurate equipment and measurements are prerequisites to completing the work at more.

What is a Gas or Water Turbine Flow Meter and Who are the Premier Suppliers in New Zealand?

For those working in industries where you regularly have to measure liquids and gases, a turbine type flow meter is an incredibly important instrument. Industries as varied as distilleries, pharmaceuticals, and hydraulics, can easily measure gas more.

Where to Find Suppliers and Manufacturers of a Waterproof Industrial Digital Thermometer in New Zealand

An industrial digital thermometer is a tool that is extremely beneficial to a range of businesses. From food service to lab work and everything in between, the importance of having a waterproof, digital thermometer cannot be understated. Digital thermometers are incredibly precise and accurate, and more.

Your Go-To Suppliers of Water Pressure Relief and Reducing Valves

A pressure release valve is an instrument used for limiting the amount of pressure in a machine so that it does not build up and cause safety hazards. This can be used both for liquids such as water and for various gases. They are perhaps most commonly more.

From Personal Portable Gas Detectors to Fixed, Teltherm Instruments Is Your Supplier for Natural or Toxic Gas Detection in Auckland

As an employer or business owner, you owe it to your employees to provide a safe workplace. Unfortunately, ensuring workplace safety is often easier said than done. Particularly if you operate a workplace where hazardous materials or gases are used regularly, shielding your employees from those more.

Ensure Better Product Quality with Temperature Transmitters, Thermocouples and Other Tools for Temperature Measurement from Auckland’s Teltherm Instruments

In a manufacturing environment, temperature matters. The temperature levels in a plant or production facility—or even just in a single assembly line system—can have a direct impact on the quality of the finished product. In fact, the importance more.


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